IAMAW members have been actively involved in EU projects such as in the case of a recently ended EU project titled “Suitable Innovations and Treatment in Industrial Waste Waters Clusters (STInno)”, in which IAMAW has been a partner with partners Greeks, Finnish and Swedish. The overall goal reached by the STInno project has been to map the technologies for industrial wastewater treatment, to transfer sustainable technologies to olive mill wastewater treatment. The project has led to exchange of experience and knowledge between research and business. In the context of parallel EU projects, IAMAW members have given a fundamental contribution to develop a data base of technologies for olive mill waste management published in the project web site www.lifeoleicoplus.it. A list of 110 technologies has been prepared and various criteria of searching have been identified, like patented technologies, treatment processes, etc. A report of offer and demand has also been produced.

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