Aims of the association:


Fostering environmental solutions for agro-food and forestry by-products, residues, wastes and effluents typical to the Mediterranean region through reduction, treatment, reuse and amelioration


Promoting knowledge dissemination and transfer of know-how among members, end-users, stakeholders and to the scientific community


Improving and demonstrating the feasibility and economic sustainability of the proposed solutions.


Creating working links with relevant international bodies, scientific organizations and industrial partners, promoting relevant projects within the main international funding networks


Assisting policy-makers in defining more rational and uniform laws and regulations in the field of Mediterranean waste management


Assisting in the identification of Best Available Technologies (BAT)


Organizing congresses; thematic symposia; specific, regional training courses

Target Membership

Scientific Discipline

Treatment Techniques

- Scientist

- Graduate Students

- Practitioners and end-users

- Stakeholders and corporate members

- Applied microbiology and biotechnology

- Agricultural chemistry and biochemistry

- Environmental and biochemical engineering

- Biodiversity and genetic improvement

- Soil science, Agronomy and horticulture

- Ecotoxicity and environmental mutagenesis

- Bio-economy, Risk assessment and LCA

- Mathematical modelling

- Composting

- Aerobic, anaerobic and integrated process

- Biotechnology, production of biofuels, fine chemical and biomaterials

- Biorefineries

- Bioremediation

IAMAW - International Association of Mediterranean Agro-industrial Wastes

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